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Big Data

Data is the new gold and data warehouses are the new gold mines. We provide servicecs about how to build a data warehouse, data lake and data pipelines for your business.

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Machine Learning

AI is the new electricity, and it brings new abilities to your business. We help you generate new insights from your data to improve your decision making process and understanding of your business.

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Data Analytics

Humans think with their eyes, and they belive in what eyes see. We improve your sight while looking at your data. We provide data analytics for cold and hot data with genuine visualizations.

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Information Technologies

There happened a paradigm shift in the last decade. New software architectures and methodlogies have emerged. We bring value to your company with these new approaches in your cloud applications, streaming data, data analaytics and event-driven systems.

Our business areas

Java Spring Framework

Microservices | Distributed systems | Event-Drivent Arcitechture | Data Streams | Enterprise Applications

Machine Learning

Text Analysis | NLP | Language Translation | Dialog Generation | Image Analysis | Object Detection | Image Classification | Image Segmentation

Python Development

Microservices | Data Analysis | Data Pipelining and Streaming | Flask | Django | Jupyter.

Data Science

Model building | Hypothesis generation and testing | Discovering patterns | End to End Model building | Predictive analyics | Visual Analytics.

Data Engineering

Building Streaming Systems | Spark | Kafka | Spring Boot Reactive | Flink | Sink.

Cloud Native

Amazon Cloud | Google Cloud | Azure Cloud | Infrasructure as a Code | Terraform | Kubernetes | Amazon Lambda | Google Functions | Azure Functions.

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